Ep. 11: A scientist, a medicine man and High Jai walk into outer space

Ep. 11: A scientist, a medicine man and High Jai walk into outer space

Hey everyone,


Jai here with another episode. Our first 10 episodes were very serious and almost like a masterclass. There are tons of gems in there but sometimes, all we need is a laugh, an honest conversation with a sprinkling of the truths that are good for the soul.


Episode 11 is just that. With the help of some natural medicines, we embark on a journey of imagination and flow that is filled with laughter, good conversation and insights into life, existence and our modern state of the world.


Let's remind ourselves of a time where we could play unapologetically, laugh without reservation and let our thoughts flow naturally from our minds into the world. Because we are art and art deserves to be played in the sun. Tempered with the lessons we have learned so far and open to lessons yet to be learned.


In a way,



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