Episode 1: Seeing past the BS that leads us astray

Episode 1: Seeing past the BS that leads us astray

Welcome to the start of the masterclass portion of the In A Way podcast. Episodes 1-10 will be an enlightening journey focusing on how we can get out of our ruts and back into the world. We will go over truths that will free us and dispel illusions that paralyze us. We will explore the deep meanings of life and at the end, if you really pay attention (and possible listen many times), life will not be as confusing, scary or unfair. This is where you will find the vision to cut through the BS, a compass to guide you to your next step and the system that will get it done.

Ep. 1

In order to navigate our environment that is the world, we first must be able to see it clearly. In episode one, we explore the two types of BS that is clouding our vision and teaching us false lessons that lead us astray and is detrimental to our growth. As we uncover the truth and see under the surface, we will gain our x ray goggles, become immune to the loud, ignorant voices around us, see past the illusions and have the ability to learn from the real world and not the world they (the people with agendas) paint for us.


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