A grand, imaginative, brain tickling, soul resonating journey that will take us deep under the surface and far beyond the atmosphere

Mental health issues are on the rise, insomnia has risen 50% over the last 5 years. More people are confused, empty and lost than ever, paralyzed in the face of an overwhelming world that seems more and more like a dark and frightening forest. More people are just trying to hang on day to day, desperately trying to hold the pieces of who they think they are together. Like a constant balancing act of maintaining, surviving and when the day is done, there is no energy left for growing, for building to a better future.

I'm Jai and I have been broken. I have hurt people. I've been through the fire and the flame, embraced the dark and the light and within me lives a million stories, people and lessons. Now, I run a very successful business in tune with my inner child and leaning into my next step. This podcast. I don't need your money. This is my way of giving back and using what I got.

So this masterclass and podcast is completely free. And through it, we will go on a journey of discovery, vivid stories, intriguing hypothetical examples and philosophical psychological exploration. We will dive deep into what it means to be alive and offer profound insights into life. We will ask questions, make decisions and find those actionable next steps.

Start the journey
  • 1. A bright light

    To feel in control of and navigate any environment, we first need to be able to see it. Together, we will unravel the illusions and misconceptions that teach us false lessons and the BS that blinds us. We will understand the inner workings of our perceptions of ourselves and the world. We will see the world as it really is and be able to take our first step.

  • 2. A true compass

    To find out what we want in our lives, we must first know who we are. Through being broken, through 1000 mistakes and 1000 victories, we will find our passions, our talents and what makes us truly happy beneath societal pressures and the expectations of others. We will get back in touch with our inner child and become confident in our decisions.

  • 3. A good plan

    After finding out who we really are and what our next step is, we will be intentional use everything we got to achieve our goals. We will become aware of the pitfalls, use sound strategy and game changing concepts to help us cut down the challenges that lay ahead, maintain the momentum, become stronger and revel in doing it.

Sometimes it's hard to see the whole picture when you are the boots on the ground and in the thick of it. If you are struggling and caught in the vortex, don't hesitate to reach out or book a free call. It's what we're here for and what we're good at. Ask us anything, give us your context and we will answer it in a way that will give you insight, direction and clarity.